Tree felling

If it is not possible to save the tree by appropriate measures and the tree loses vitality or is even dangerous to its surroundings, it is necessary to cut it down in time. If the tree grows in a place where it is not possible to fell it classically in one piece from the ground, if it is located close to power lines, near buildings, etc., and must be felled gradually. It is a method where, with the help of a special tree-climbing equipment, the tree is gradually cut off from above and the individual parts are lowered to a defined location.

If you need to cut down a tree, check to see if it is your duty to obtain permission to cut trees growing outside the forest, here for Liberec

Offer of tree-felling services:

Tree-felling in difficult conditions - built-up areas, slopes, rocks, power lines, cemeteries, etc.

Classical tree-felling - restoration of vegetation e.g. in parks

Tree-felling using mobile elevating work platforms or cranes 

Cleaning and disposal of waste

Chipping - as a part of our services we offer wood chipping using Green Mech towed chippers     

Purchase of wood matter - if you have no use for the wood matter, we will offer to buy it and thus reduce the cost of labour.

we offer wood chips for free or for the price of transport

sale of logs and firewood 


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