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  • 2018 Povodí Labe state-owned enterprise - Harcov dam, walk, Stage I intervention, river kilometre 1,700-2,700
  • 2018 Statutory town of Liberec – “Rebuilding of children's playground in Kmochova, part I – clearance and arboculture”
  • 2018 Modlany municipality – “Modlany - pruning of poplars around the football pitches in Modlany and Suché villages”
  • 2018 The town of Železný Brod – “Revitalization of Panská zahrada (Lord's Garden) park”...implementation of comprehensive arboristic work
  • 2017 The town of Tanvald – “Revitalization of parks in Tanvald (U fontány, U pomníku TGM and U kruhového objezdu parks)” .... implementation of comprehensive arboristic work
  • 2016 Dětřichov municipality - revitalization of an oak-lined avenue
  • 2013-19 State Land Office - revitalization of the selected green areas administered by the Office
  • 2015-18 Town of Chrastava - revitalization of selected areas in the urban area of the town
  • 2014-16 Teplárna Liberec a.s. - revitalization of an alley
  • 2014-17 Regional authority of Liberec region - revitalization of a park and adjacent green areas at the seat of the Regional authority
  • 2013 Regional Directorate of Liberec Region Police - high-risk felling of trees in the premises
  • 2010 Zlatý Lev Hotel in Jablonec nad Nisou - high-risk felling of trees
  • 2010 Janov nad Nisou - revitalization of selected areas in the urban area of the town
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