Tree pruning and high-risk felling in the forest park by Zoo 1320 restaurant


Last week we handed over the completed project of treatment of a forest park by the Zoo 1320 restaurant in Vítězná street in Liberec.
The project was dealt with by almost ideal way - first, our company drew up an expert opinion, which was submitted to the Environmental Department in Liberec which subsequently asked the Regional Authority for permission to cut down trees growing outside the forest.
We were given permission to cut down non-perspective blue spruces (Picea pungens). The spruce trees, were at the limit of their lifespan due to physiological reasons and due to the covering of their roots with soil (increase of soil horizon), and their operational safety had therefore been reduced to an unbearable minimum.
We were also allowed to fell a linden tree (Tillia cordata) whose base had been attacked by wood-decay fungus and which had a significant unhealed cavity.
Other (mostly hornbeam) trees were reduced or only slightly modified in growth for the prospective development of the crown.
During the work we used all the possibilities of working on trees - gradual/high-risk felling , safety pruning, circumference reduction and installing of dynamic restraint on two levels. 
We thank the visitors of the premises for their patience and we apologize for the disturbance during lunch.

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